Emerging Media Ideas


It was a great first week, and the class engaged in numerous discussion threads on the most effective and least effective new media formats for marketing communications. The consensus seemed to be websites as the most effective, although there were a few others than were interesting as well.

I don’t know if there is a right answer here, but the discussion was interesting. Two of the ideas that stood out to me were the use of social networking, and in-game advertising as effective new media tools. I’m a late entrant to social networking, but I just started using it at my current job. We created a Facebook page for Mergent, and I must say I’ve been surprised as the response. To promote our Facebook page, we put a small blurb in our quartely client newsletter. We’ve already had clients join our Facebook network from just that brief marketing announcement. Now, the question is–what do we do with our Facebook page? I’m certainly open to suggestions here, since I have no background with social networking. I know a number of our competitors use social networking as a communications tool. Rather than copying their efforts, I’d like to do something breakthrough with it. Of course, easier said than done…

The other item that I found very interesting was the concept and rise of in-game advertising. It seems like this area of new media is exploding, and is becoming a prime vehicle to reach young males age 12-34. Interestingly, Brandweek had an article on the use of in-game advertising in their October 20 issue (which for some reason arrived on my desk today, the 27th!) The article notes that in-game advertising is rapidly evolving, and has gone from static campaigns to dynamic ones that can be integrated into the most popular game titles on wide reaching platforms–i.e. Xbox 360, Playstation 3 etc. One of the neat aspects to in-game advertising is the level of engagement that the audience–the gameplayer–has. People don’t mindlessly surf games the way they do television or radio. Once a person is playing a game, they are engaged and very focused on the in-game experience. This makes the advertising quite powerful.

To me, this makes an already exciting field like new media even more exciting. I’m really looking forward to the weeks ahead where we explore other areas in depth.


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