Intrusive Marketing Is Dying

One thing we’re learning each week in class is how the consumer is driving the marketing interaction more today than in the past. Specifically, consumers are getting picky about the content they accept and how they react. Banner ads, for example, rose quickly as the net gained in popularity and reach, but in a relatively brief period of time the click-thru rates started dropping dramatically. Why?

Simple–they’re annoying, intrusive and not an “invited” communication. Yes, they build recognition and are good for brand building, but as our class notes indicated they:

  1. Lost their novelty
  2. Were intrusive
  3. Nonsensical

What does this tell us about the root of effective marketing? The content needs to be relevant, engaging and welcome. There’s a pretty good blog that describes the key ingredients of a successful banner ad:

The words used to describe good banner ads are: succinct, branded, stand-out, contains a hook, eye-catching. Notice the similarity here? They all take root in being relevant and engaging. They encourage the viewer to invite communication by clicking.

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