Ford Uses New Media To Communicate Its Struggles

It seems like each day, we’re seeing more influence of new media and it’s power to reach and influence people on a large scale. The auto industry is, as we all know, in dire shape. The “big three” automakers, Ford, GM and Chrysler, are all pleading for a massive influx of federal money to stave off bankruptcy and liquidation. In a recent Wall Street Journal article (, it noted that Ford has now launched a new media campaign to pitch its side of the story, and differentiate its position from GM and Chrylser. Early bird gets the worm I suppose…because this is a brilliant move by Ford. See the site, at

According to Scott Monty, global digital and multimedia communications manager for Ford, “With digital media, it lives on for a long time. It’s picked up in Google searches, people pass it along and share messages they care about with blogs and their social networks of choice.” That’s the real power of new media–the viral component that lets the consumer take the role of pushing the message into the mainstream. In a similar way to a customer testimonial advertisement, new media that’s done right can engender a level of trust that other marketing vehicles cannot.

Why haven’t the other auto companies followed suit and launched their own multimedia campaigns related to their financial struggles? They’re starting to now. Chrysler has been funneling information through its company blog, and has recently created a YouTube channel. GM’s taking a similar path, using new media and targeted marketing campaigns to drive people to, which is a specific website that explains GM’s predicament and management’s plan for the future.

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