Youth & Multicultural Media

One of the topics we’ve covered deals with the use of new media and its power to reach youth and multicultural markets. This will be an interesting trend to watch, as today’s youth become adults and the second wave of new media content is developed. It would be interesting to see how the industry changes–and I wouldn’t be surprised if what we think of as advanced new media today seems like elementary stuff in the future. To that end, we’ve seen innovations come into our society as “disruptive” technologies, like radio, television, the airplane, and others. At the time of their introduction, they all were seen as highly advanced technological innovations. Today, looking back on the first radios, tv’s or airplanes we are astounded at how basic they were and how far we’ve come. I would imagine the same will be said about new media in the future, as it shed’s its “new” moniker and integrates more fully into our lives.

In one of my other posts I wrote about the impact that new media had on the 2008 presidential election, in which Barack Obama masterfully leverged new media content to help mobilize his grass roots marketing campaign to youth. I found an interesting blog that spoke about this and other new media topics,, and the 2008 presidential election broke the barrier to the use of new media in a national campaign. In 2012, both the Democratic and Republican parties will make use of new media in the hopes of mobilizing their base. The youth and multicultural audiences will take greater importance too, as these groups are most likely to respond to new media messages. We’re really in the midst of a cultural change that will affect our nation permanently–it’s an exciting time.

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