Consumers Flock to Web 2.0

There’s a great and timely article in today’s Wall Street Journal (  regarding the massive shift in focus for IMC practitioners asa result of consumers flocking to blogs, social networking sites and generally spending more of their time in the online world. It’s very timely for our class, because the article touches not only on the rapid growth of new media and its importance in IMC, but it also illustrates the problems marketers are having in engaging their audiences through new media.

The problem seems to be that this area is so new–and its growth so rapid–that marketers really don’t understand how to use it properly for marketing purposes yet. Those companies that are figuring it out will reap the benefits of stronger customer relationships and deeper brand relationships. Those that don’t will suffer.

The article also cautions marketers against the pitfalls of traditional marketing in the online space. We need to resist the urge to sell, and focus more on creating interactive pathways to customers and companies can communicate. Stop selling…start listening seems to be the way forward.

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