It’s about trust

Listen to the conversation that’s happening between companies and customers, prospects, employees–all the various stakeholders in a business. That’s the true power of new media, and it all comes down to trust. One thing we’ve learned this term is the power that new media has to influence people, change perceptions and open the lines of communication between companies and their customers. The reason it’s so effective is because the marketing line gets shaded out. New media is interactive, and when people become part of the communications process–rather than being communicated to–they’re more apt to respond. We trust ourselves and the opinions of others more than we trust a company’s message.

This point was underscored in a recent Wall Street Journal article, where the author cited an example of a company that blogs immediately after a new product launch. Why? It allows the company to understand how consumers are actually reacting to the product. The company will get more honest feedback from its new media portal–and it can do so in real time, rather than waiting one or two quarters before making adustments.

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