Ethics in search marketing

For many people, the idea that search engines like Google, Yahoo and rely on advertising to truly power their business seems to surprise them. Somehow people believe that when they enter search items in a search engine, they are tapping into a kind of library-linked database of pages. Nope–we need to remember that everything in business is tied to revenue generation, and that companies like Google rely on search to be their cash cow.

I don’t really see the issue with this. If we consider that a search engine is a service offering of a company, then we should understand that the companies who build the search engines have every right to charge advertising on them. Some of the class said that as long as they are “marked” as advertisements, then the search engine should be allowed to charge. I disagree–I say let’s let the free market decide how these search engines work. If Google’s search functions are padded with advertisements, then perhaps a competitor will arise who market’s a “true, advertising-free search” portal.  In my view regulating this will cause more issues.

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