Streaming media & effectiveness

On a personal note, this semester has been very hard. With the birth of our son, and the possibility of my company going under it’s forced me to shift around some topics, as there were some weeks where I literally slept 3 hours, didn’t eat and worked. That said, I’d like to revisit some earlier topics, one of which is streaming video and its use in marketing. We spent time learning about the use of short films and their impact and effectiveness on brand awareness and influencing buying behavior. I thought this topic was quite interesting, as it’s yet another example of how the consumer is changing how companies market to them. Consumers don’t want to be marketed to, they’ll be more receptive to something that infuses a health dose of entertainment.

It seems like short films can be used for a variety of products and brands, but one area that’s seen the benefit has been in luxury products. Take this example: where the discussion topic is Chanel and that brand’s use of short films. According to Marianne Etchebarnne, Chanel’s director of marketing,  people want to “live” the story in the short film. “It’s a commercial that’s a real piece of art.” she says.

That’s a great point–and it is yet another indication of the power that new media has. Consumers can see new media as much more than advertising. It becomes somethign that the consumer truly identifies with and connects to. And, after all, isn’t that the goal of any marketer? Aren’t we in a constant pursuit of that connection?

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