Podcasting is another powerful new media tool that we covered this term, and it’s something I’ve been trying to integrate into my current job. One of my company’s core markets is the academic library system. To reach the buying audience, a growing number of our competitors are introducing podcasts as a way of communicating new product releases, build recognition and generally integrate their company into the daily or weekly working life of the reference librarian (the buyer).

Podcasts are very popular in education aside from marketing purposes, and that makes it a great tool to reach this market. Teachers and students can use podcasts to share information, or download a lesson if a student is absent from a class. Because the medium is used to provide information in this manner, students and professors are used to receiving information through podcasts. This familiarity makes them more likely to influence that audience, provided that the podcasts are well planned. On that note, take a look at this synopsis of how to create a truly effective podcast: http://podcastingscout.com/

The overall message is that really effective podcasts are brief and to the point, yet informational and engaging. The better podcasts make use of bullet points, short sentence paragraphs that highlight key messages, use supporting images and get to the point quickly. In addition, you need to keep the audience engaged. One of the things I’ve taken from our class this semester is that the fundamentals of successful marketing–engaging, relevant content–are just as important in new media, whether it’s podcasts, blogs, short films, or social networking. Yet with new media, the consumer’s attention span is short, so marketers don’t get second chances to connect with their audience.

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