Social networking & jobs

Thanks to the rise of new media, sending out resumes via email is now like cold-calling. This is something that’s hit very close to home this term, as my company teeters on bankruptcy. When things started to go bad back in September, I updated my resume and send out, literally, 39 copies in response to job adverts online. I got one response. Keep in mind, I have 12 years of solid experience at some of the world’s largest and most prestigious asset management firms. It’s just that finance has been hit tremendously hard in this economy–and because of the sheer volume of people looking for work it’s “who you know”, not “what you know” right now.

And that’s where social networking comes in–and I’ve certainly paid the price for not getting more involved with social networking. When people think of social networking things like Facebook or Myspace come to mind. But for professionals, sites like LinkedIn can prove a valuable resource for networking and finding employment opportunities. I found an article that talks about how social networking among professionals fosters a sense of community, and lets people with like-minded interests connect and form groups. The article is geared towards science professionals, but the lesson applies across industries. Participating in online networks through sites like LinkedIn helps you stay in touch with former associates, that may pass along job leads or recommend you for specific jobs. Ignoring the power of social networking is foolhardy today–and I really didn’t realize how much of an impact it can make.

Social networking is

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